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There could be many reasons why we should talk. For example:

You’re thinking about re-platforming. This is such a big topic that I’ve given it a separate tab.

You’re well-established but thinking about incremental improvements. Maybe you plan to add click-and-collect or personalisation, for example. I’ve done a lot such things. If I can advise you I’d be delighted. If I can’t because I can’t offer value-adding experience of what you want to do, I’ll be honest and say so.

You want to ship cross-border or go international. This is another huge topic I discuss separately here

You’re multiple channel but want to become multi-channel. I’ve helped clients along the maturity curve in the diagram below, addressing issues such as channel conflict and organisational design.

Multichannel Organisational Maturity Model

You’re relatively new to multi-channel, in which case it can seem like a lot of smoke and mirrors. I’ll happily take you and your leadership team through the fundamentals in a structured way, and then work together to create concepts and implementation roadmaps appropriate to your organisation. For example, for a leading consumer-electronics chain based in Kiev, we developed together a store-centric multichannel concept which rapidly grew to 5% of total sales within a year, all incremental.

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Chris has just finished a major engagement for an international retailer, and so has around 50% of his time free. New clients very welcome!