Replatforming Platform Nine and Three Quarters


There comes a time in the life of every eCommerce solution when you need to think about re-platforming it. It’s a notoriously high-risk project to undertake, and so you might want to talk to someone who has…

Replatformed and succeeded. Well I would say that wouldn’t I? Actually my background is rather helpful. For the last 10 years I’ve been an eCommerce specialist, including a spell walking the walk as Global eCommerce Director, as well as talking the talk as a consultant. But before that I was in IT for 20 years, eventually becoming an IT Director. Trust me, it helps to have been both!

Turned around a failed replatforming. It’s surprising how big a mess it’s possible to make without doing very much wrong. I’ve rescued a major one recently, bringing it in on time, to spec, and to (revised) budget, leaving both my client and their IT supplier very happy!

Failed to recover a failing replatforming project. This might seem an odd thing to put on a website trying to sell my services to you. But actually I learnt more about what can go wrong the first time around, and how to judge whether it's recoverable or should just been thrown away and restarted, than I would have done by delivering any number of flawless projects. You’ll find that experience very useful in de-risking your own project at its inception, not its conclusion.

Delayed replatforming. There are always other priorities, and sometimes you can extend the life of your current solution just that bit further by using various proven techniques and solutions.

Chosen a new platform and IT supplier. You’ve made the choice to embark, but there are still some big decisions to take early on, not least selecting the solution and IT supplier. I’ve led vendor selection processes for several major clients resulting in successful implementation projects.

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